TLT the loving touch

The loving touch is an initiative of accessing the needy people to support and uplift their lives and bring them into the great experience of God's love. Many people are needy in our society, who really wanted to be cared and loved by the people those who are abundantly blessed by the heavenly father.

TLT is a Christian nonprofit organization formed by a group of believers and followers of Jesus Christ. Anyone who believes in Jesus and have a deep desire to stand for him can join the group and put their hands together to serve the poor and needy society.

Primarily, TLT would target the geographical area of Kerala state in India for its services focusing on the needy children, women and families. "TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE THE CHANGE"

Current Initiative

Actively spreading the concept and reaching out to the like- minded individuals through all possible social media to create a community of helping hands to achieve the v....

ONGOING Activities

Supporting MIZPAH, an institution for mentally challenged children located in the city of Kayamkulam in Kerala, (India).



    My family was in deep trouble of financial crisis due to illness of my wife and other complex issues. My small earnings ....

The Great vision

The primary vision of TLT is to work among the poor and needy people in the society to support and uplift their lives and bring them into the great experience of GOD's love. The ultimate vision is to become a self reliant NPO and adopting, the socio-economically backward families / villages to uplift their living standards as well as ...

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The Mission

A Humble start with available resources within the reachable society and begin the work by expanding the membership base and stretching the wings out to the global geographical boarders by spreading the concept and create a community who believes to make an impact in the society by making the poor consoles and smiles.

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